When dealing with translation of medical-scientific documents, we refer to a very interesting and delicate field.

The medical field is highly regulated and carries strong implications. The knowledge of foreign languages as well as medical terminology and vocabulary is pivotal. A high degree of expertise is also required. As the texts are generally specialised, the translation must avoid any misunderstandings or inaccuracies.

It is essential to rely on a professional translation service that guarantees high quality standards.

When a medical translation is required

A medical translation can be necessary in several cases.

Here are a few examples:

  • Instructions for clinical trials, use of medical devices, software for the management of surgical equipment, medical textbooks, medical-scientific websites, content to be shared with the whole world. These texts contain very specific and technical terms, which are addressed to medical professionals.
  • International scientific conferences about medicine that require professional medical translations. During these conferences interpreters make the communication between specialists from different countries easier. They are conferences for professional development that aim to present the results of clinical trials or innovative medical technologies.
  • Medical divulgative texts regarding patient care. An example is the translation of medical prescriptions, medical reports and information leaflets. These documents require an appropriate and understandable language that ensures a clear transfer of information.

The validation of medical translations

Medical translations involve strict and accurate monitoring processes: they should be checked repeatedly and validated.
In the initial stage, it is useful and desirable to have a glossary containing the specific terminology regarding the information to be translated for each reference country.
In the second stage, it is essential that a proofreading of the translation is carried out by competent and qualified personnel in the medical field, in order to verify both the lexical-grammatical correctness and the use of the adequate and up-to-date technical terminology. The validation ensures that the terminology and text have been used properly in the medical context.
For this reason, firms rely on translation companies with Quality Management Systems that use the ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 certifications and guarantee the accuracy of the translated text.

Who translates medical-scientific documents

It is important to entrust a medical translation to professional translation companies that are specialised in the medical-scientific field.

The in-depth knowledge of this subject comes from specific studies in the medical field. A specialised translator must know how to write well and—no less important—must have studied anatomy, physiology and general pathology.

This knowledge is crucial also for interpreters, who must simultaneously translate information, accompanying it with good rhetoric and gestures.


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