International Digital Marketing

Since 2005, the Qontent Group has provided Italian and foreign companies with translation

and localisation services for the reference markets.

Our specialists work side by side with the client’s marketing team, helping to define strategies in decision-making and in the main operational phases of sales. Our linguistic and cultural know-how is a key element in creating multilingual content marketing that is effective in the target countries.

We have recently been expanding the Qontent Group and our range of services, creating a highly innovative International Digital Marketing Division, able to offer our clients cutting-edge services for their internationalisation and consolidation processes.

We currently offer multiple state-of-the-art international digital marketing services, ranging from SEO/SEM multilingual translation services for the correct localisation of your web marketing to the creation of multilingual content for your business.

Our knowledge of the markets and cultures of target countries means we can support our Social Media Management activities in the definition and planning of the right editorial plan. We’re able to add a robust SEO Outreach/Link Building activity to your existing transmedia or cross-media strategy, allowing you to increase the effectiveness of your international marketing campaign and better trigger virtuous lead generation mechanisms.

The offer is completed by three of the most innovative marketing services on the international scene: Advergaming, a highly effective tool that adapts effectively to global business strategies, serious games and NFT Marketing, a service that can help your business cross the new frontiers of the metaverse.


The process of internationalisation, or the strengthening of the online sales or lead generation channels of an already internationalised company, necessarily involves the presence of perfectly localised digital content, both in the language and in the culture of the target country.

The website itself, and all SEO and SEM content, must be correctly adapted to guarantee excellent market penetration and to obtain the best possible ROI.

Qontent’s Digital Marketing division can offer you a highly professional holistic service thanks to our expertise acquired through 17 years of experience in linguistic localisation and international digital marketing.


• We thoroughly analyse the reference market as well as the client’s existing marketing activities and those of its competitors

• We carry out a technical verification of the client’s site and the SEO consistency of the contents based on defined objectives

• We translate and revise existing content using specialised native translators

• We constantly monitor SEO and SEM activity with frequent reports, and we measure the results

We compare the obtained results with the expected results, adjusting the planned activities to achieve defined objectives


SEO Content Writing is a key element within a global strategy that offers consolidation of the company’s organic positioning and its brand in foreign markets. It consists in the creation of SEO-friendly copy with the aim of optimising web page indexing, allowing first-page positioning in search engines in relation to users’ organic searches.

This practice is important not only to significantly increase website visits and trigger the virtuous process of lead generation, but also to consolidate global brand awareness.

Our SEO Content Writing services include:

• Copy for web pages
• Articles for blogs
• Blog creation and multilingual content management
• Copy for product sheets (e-commerce)
• Copy for FAQ pages
• Revision of copy from a multilingual SEO perspective


The Outreach SEO Link Building activity is based on the search for web resources that are ideal potential sources of incoming links, with the aim of increasing traffic to your site as well as lead generation.

The most common and effective Outreach SEO Link Building activity concerns the search for high-quality themed blogs in which to publish a post with a link to the page you want to optimise at SEO level.

Outreach SEO Link Building is a solution that offers significant benefits to clients looking to improve the SEO positioning of a particular site, and for webmasters who manage blogs.


In the first case, the site to be optimised can obtain a high-quality incoming link, originating from a blog that’s been carefully selected based on multiple variables (positioning within Google, social media presence, content reliability, etc.), but primarily based on whether its content is related to similar topics (the issue of sources, in Link Building activities, is seen as very important today). In the second case, the presence of backlinks from authoritative sites increases the authority of your own site by organically improving its search results positioning, thus improving its performance and its organic access.

We can offer you the most effective channels through which to promote your business around the world, thus guaranteeing a constant and effective SEO Outreach activity.


Social media is now a key element of any corporate communication strategy. Thoughtfully designed social content pushes users to interact and share. The message must generate interest and take into account the social and cultural reality of the target audience.

Each social network has different targets in terms of age and interests, and each has its own specific tone of voice.


Each country follows its own rules. If the company addresses a specific foreign market, the message must be expressed in the language of the target country. In addition, social networks vary greatly from each other: the rules for creating a post on Facebook are different from those of Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok etc.

To be truly effective, multilingual digital communication requires teamwork with close collaboration between expert social media managers and native translators specialised in the geographic areas and sectors of reference.

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