Companies that deal with multilingual content essentially have two different software tools for the management of the production process:

  • TMS (Translation Management System)
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Language Technology: Translation Management System

The TMS software integrates the entire localization process into a global platform accessible to the company staff, translators and clients with different degrees of profiling.
The TMS is a content management system that allows the company to manage the entire process of providing translation-related services, from the beginning (preparation of offers relating to requests for quotes) to the final delivery to the client.

Therefore, advanced TMS systems allow to:

  • achieve project management efficiency (activity supervised by Project Managers);
  • offer the clients a new type of experience, allowing them to follow the translation process, reducing clients’ requests to internal staff;
  • achieve efficiency in managing translators and assigned jobs;
  • choose the translator for the single project according to some parameters, such as his/her qualifications, the quality of his/her work carried out for the Company, work history and punctuality;
  • draw up reports and statistics of the managed projects.

Language Technology: Customer Relationship Management

Modern CRM (Customer Relationship Management) integrate the services related to marketing and sales, to client satisfaction management and to the management software (invoicing, cash flow management etc…) in a single development system.

Among the main advantages related to the integration of the TMS with the company CRM, the following ones can be included:

  • technology that can be scaled over time and that can be interfaced with other applications (website, e-commerce);
  • eliminating critical company productivity;
  • offering the clients a new type of experience, allowing them to follow the translation process reducing clients’ requests to internal staff;
  • managing clients and suppliers (translators) in a single platform, reducing time and mistakes in the communication between the various parties;
  • optimizing internal resources.

The ability to integrate these two work systems will determine the competitiveness and modernity of the translation company, creating the conditions for future success and growth.

Nicola Pansini

Qontent Group – Head of Marketing


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