If you are a freelance translator or a small translation agency and want to expand your business in your area, Qontent Group offers you the opportunity to realize your aspirations without any upfront investment, thanks to the Qontent Brand Affiliation Plan.

What is an affiliation plan

The term “affiliation plan” refers to a project capable of involving companies and figures within a brand or trademark, in order to increase production capacity and services for the affiliate concerned.

These commercial agreements make it possible to create a network of professionals with the same mission and vision, who share the common goal of increasing their turnover with a qualified offer. Indeed, the affiliate commits to promoting the brand’s products or services, receiving in return a revenue margin based on the results achieved. At the same time, benefits are obtained in terms of visibility and value proposition.

Why be part of the Qontent brand?

By joining the Qontent Brand Affiliation Program you can participate in trade shows, events and Qontent marketing campaigns using the Group’s logo, and enrich your offering with Professional Translation services in 100 languages and 2500 language combinations: Certified Translations, SEO Translations, Transcreation, MT Post-Editing, Interpreting, Multilingual DTP, Content Writing and much more.

You can present yourself to companies in your area, with a wide range of services and fields of specialization, there is no limit to the size and complexity of the orders you will be able to manage.

As an Affiliate, your address is advertised on the Group’s website and you are provided with a list of potential customers to contact through joint marketing activities.

On the work acquired, thanks to your intermediation, we recognize a very interesting income margin.

The details of the program are contained in the Qontent Brand Affiliation Agreement, which specifies the terms, timing and every other aspect of the collaboration, while respecting your corporate and organizational independence.

If you want to take advantage of this opportunity contact us now.

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