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The website is the company’s business card and is essential for the acquisition of new customers, so it must communicate the services or products offered in the best possible way. Expanding business internationally is often the key to growth for many companies. It goes without saying that website translation is a very important process, which must ensure its correct contextualisation with reference to the target users and their culture.

The choice of translated words must be relevant to the search trends in the target area and, at the same time, the entire content must be structured in a targeted, direct and effective manner. Our experienced translators will ensure that your web pages are localised with high communication impact.

The importance of presence on organic results

Being present on the first page of the search engine is crucial for the visibility of the website (90% of users stop at the first page of results) and, consequently, of your business. Much more than a paid presence, as the user now knows the difference very well. There is a tendency, in fact, to ignore sponsored ads in order to click on pages that are organically positioned at the top, as the search engine considers them more relevant and with a higher degree of quality. From this point of view, the improvement of the organic positioning on search engines is the goal of our services: we are not interested in paid content but only in valuable content.

The frontier of multilingual content marketing

In the United States it has already been happening for years: localised content marketing and the creation of Value content to be associated with the company now represent the major communication activity of the main companies in all sectors. Correctly localised multilingual SEO content is a determining factor in opening up to new markets, strengthening corporate identity and ensuring a stable and lasting presence in online search results in the languages of interest.


Access funding to internationalise your business

Optimising your website for multilingual SEO is crucial to your business internationalisation. This activity is financed by regional and national funds (Simest).



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Contact us for a FREE technical analysis of your multilingual SEO site

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