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Tenders Translations

Our translation service for Italian and international calls for tenders allows companies that identify an interesting call to evaluate the costs of translation and participation.
If the costs are compatible with the budget, the call is translated, and the application files are prepared in the specific language.

This service allows to manage and localise, with professionalism and speed, all the documentation required for participation in the call, thus overcoming the linguistic and bureaucratic barriers that every company encounters when preparing documents.

We also provide consulting services for the registration and qualification on the MEPA platform.
These skills derive from our familiarity with international calls for tenders, in which we have been participating directly for years.

What We Do

Study of the call for tender

Our Project Manager actively participates in the creation of the Customer’s application file and, at the same time, our expert translators carefully study the call for tender and carry out the translations.

Specialised translations

We carry out specialised and customised translations, in order to enhance the technical-professional skills of the company we support.

Management of the participation procedure

In case of participation in the call, Qontent manages all the necessary documents, complete with translations and including the documentation provided by subcontractors for the integration of the candidate’s offer.

Some Examples of Translations
  • Calls for tenders translations
  • Specifications translations
  • Translation of certifications for general requirements
  • Translation of Antimafia certifications
  • Translation of certifications related to specific requirements (i.e., technical-organisational and economic-financial requirements)


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