Medical and

Scientific Translations

In the scientific and medical sector, the dissemination of information beyond national borders is fundamental and must be done in a precise and accurate manner: no mistakes are allowed.

Medical-scientific translations for the documentation produced by laboratories and companies in this sector can only be performed by professional translators  who know the adequate terminologies of the target languages. Furthermore, the linguistic needs of this sector are constantly evolving, as scientific experimentation follows an ever-evolving growth path.

Pharmaceutical translations, translations for medical devices and for clinical research are distributed all over the world. Therefore, they must be accessible to an international audience. Our translations are reviewed by biologists, doctors and industry experts.

We translate:
  • Clinical studies
  • Scientific articles
  • Study protocols
  • Regulatory texts
  • Clinical trials
  • Information brochures
  • Technical manuals
  • Instructions for the use of drugs
  • Clinical software


for clinical research

Clinical research is the process by which a new drug is developed, and its efficacy and safety is demonstrated. To start the trial, it is necessary to receive authorisation from the competent regulatory authority of the reference country, to which a series of documents must be submitted.

In this scenario, a fundamental role is played by translators specialised in clinical research, who work on these technical documents: protocol synopses, clinical studies, questionnaires, information leaflets for the patients and other forms that vary from country to country. Choosing a term instead of another can prove to be really important.

Our translators are trained and specialised on the topics of clinical trials and regulations in force at the international level.



The international distribution of medicinal products needs accurate pharmaceutical translation, be it a clinical report, a patent or a package leaflet.

In the last years, the free circulation of drugs in the European Union has generated a large import and export market. Any translated content must comply with the rules and regulations of pharmaceutical marketing in each country. The correct intake of a drug by patients also depends on the translation of the package leaflets. Recipients and usage contexts of the translation are therefore different.

Our translators are constantly updated on scientific terminology and the international drug system, to provide quality technical translations which are clear and accessible in every language.


for medical devices

Progress in medical technology have globalised the use of state-of-the-art medical devices in hospitals around the world.

For this reason, technical translations for medical devices must ensure that the product is usable and understandable to all its users, wherever they are and regardless of the language they speak. Another key aspect is that medical devices are not only used by professionals such as doctors or pharmacologists, but also independently by patients or caregivers.

Therefore, the translator plays the fundamental role of eliminating the risk of misunderstandings and incorrect applications of the device. In order to do this, being highly competent and having a detailed understanding of rules, regulations and correct terminology is essential, in order to convey the correct way to use a device from one language to another.


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