Legal and Sworn

Legal translations concern confidential and sensitive documents, such as patentscontractscertificates and notarial deeds, which require in-depth knowledge in the juridical-legal field. For these documents, the translator must not only possess general language skills, but also needs to have a proven track record in the legal field.

It is essential to have knowledge of the lexicon and terminology, as well as of the laws of the country, both of origin and destination. Our legal translation services follow all stages of the process: technical translation, proofreading, consultancy and assistance, so to guarantee the legal validity of the documents and their correspondence to the original text.

Legal translations also include sworn or certified translations, i.e. those accompanied by a sworn statement made by the translator, which is necessary for a document to be valid in foreign countries.

Translation of documents

● Patents
● Diplomas
● Certificates
● Chamber of Commerce records
● Minutes
● Contracts

Certified translations

When the translation of a legal document must keep its validity in a foreign country, it must also contain a certificate from the translator regarding the veracity of the text. This certificate is called asseveration or sworn statement.

Therefore, the translator, in addition to dealing with the translation of the text into the target language, must sign a sworn report declaring to have correctly transposed all information in accordance with the original text, taking responsibility for the work performed. 


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