Ethics, also called moral philosophy, concerns the usages and customs that guide human behaviour. It therefore concerns the code of conduct followed by a person or a group of people, giving rise to a reflection on the rules and principles to be followed in practical life.

The scope of ethics is anything but theoretical: it concerns everyday life, as it is the operational translation of values into behaviours. When the reflection on ethics moves from individual action to a broader organisational sphere, it becomes business ethics.

For Qontent, business ethics is seen as the ability to integrate its business activities while respecting and protecting the interests due to all living beings and the value of inanimate things, with this being an aim of its actions and not solely a means to achieve profit.
With the firm intention of guaranteeing the utmost fairness and transparency in the management of its activities and to protect the image and reputation of Qontent, the company has drawn up this Code of Ethics, which clearly defines the set of shared values, rules and principles of behaviour as well as the responsibilities of each company operator towards those who are directly or indirectly involved in the company’s activities, i.e. customers, suppliers, partners, employees, collaborators, public institutions and other stakeholders, thus guiding the performance of the company’s activities.
Its addressees are required to rigorously and fully respect the values and principles it contains and to protect and uphold, through their behaviour, the respectability and image of Qontent, as well as the integrity of its economic, social and human assets.

Through the Code of Ethics, Qontent intends to:

⦁ define and explain the values and general ethical principles that inform its business activity and relations with customers, suppliers, partners, employees, collaborators, directors, public institutions and any other person involved in the company’s activity
⦁ formalise the commitment to behaving in compliance with the ethical principles of moral legitimacy, equity and equality, protection of the person, diligence, transparency, honesty, confidentiality, impartiality, health protection
⦁ inform its employees, collaborators and directors of the principles of conduct, values and responsibilities that they must comply with in the course of their work
⦁ define the tools for implementing and monitoring the Code of Ethics
The Code of Ethics does not replace and does not prevail over the laws in force and the National Collective Labour Agreement in force, which retain their express and fundamental effectiveness and validity.


The company’s fundamental principle is to comply with the laws and regulations in force in Italy and in the European Union. Under no circumstances is it permitted to pursue or realise the interest of the company in violation of the laws.
With a view to realising the company’s mission and vision, the conduct of all addressees of this Code must be inspired by the ethics of responsibility and values that in turn inspire the company’s activities.
Qontent’s mission is to combine human creativity and artificial intelligence to produce and manage quality multilingual content at the highest level of complexity and in a short timeframe in order to help businesses accelerate growth by eliminating language barriers.
Its vision is to become a top Italian player and a reference point for language localisation and the language industry at an international level, including through the use of technology, in order to shorten distances by accelerating processes and putting people first: customers, collaborators and partners.


Diversity and Inclusion

Employees, collaborators and business operators are essential for the success of the company. Qontent upholds and promotes the value of people and the growth of their skills.
The recognition of achievements, professional potential and skills expressed is pivotal to the professional development of staff.
Selection, training, management and professional development are carried out with no discrimination whatsoever, according to criteria of merit, competence and professionalism.
In pursuing these principles, Qontent ensures that the principle of equal opportunities is respected and manages career and salary advancements on this basis, in a continuous and balanced comparison with the reference market, ensuring transparency, professionalism, fairness and clarity of the assessment methods applied.
Qontent adopts a managerial style aimed primarily at considering diversity as an intrinsic and valuable component of organisations in their capacity as social systems and neutralising any undesirable effects it may have on productivity, team morale and organisational well-being.
Therefore, at the heart of its activities is the valorisation of diversity as an original, creative and unique contribution that each individual can make in pursuit of the achievement of organisational results.
There is an increasing diversification of human resources in terms of functions performed, length of service, contract types, and personal characteristics such as age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and religious denomination: Qontent believes that diversity is a resource and adopts an inclusive attitude based on openness and acceptance which, in the workplace, translates into a calm environment where people are valued by the same yardstick and share resources and a sense of belonging. In particular, Qontent and the addressees of the code undertake to:

⦁ adopt a communication style that is adapted to the environment and the situational context whilst respecting the interlocutor in every way
⦁ prioritise an assertive and accepting communication of others’ points of view
⦁ foster cultural exchanges and constructive dialogues by promoting openness, encouraging research, incentivisation and brainstorming, giving value to the suggestions and opinions of others with a view to healthy comparison, being willing to accept and collaboratively generate new ideas, regardless of who promotes them
⦁ encourage empathy and attention to others
⦁ actively contribute to the creation of a safe, empathetic and mutually trusting environment by valuing and being considerate of each other’s backgrounds
⦁ include change agents in the different processes and work phases
⦁ learn to recognise diversity by appreciating its positive aspects, advantages and the resources it has to offer
⦁ identify and report prejudices and stereotypes that could cause harm to those who are victims of them
⦁ maintain a safe working environment that leaves no room for discrimination, bullying or sexual harassment
⦁ include people belonging to minorities in processes in order to recognise and appreciate different perspectives
⦁ welcome and provide reciprocal and positive stimuli
⦁ recognise and reward their own work and the work of others
⦁ show willingness and attentiveness to the needs and requirements of all customers, stakeholders, colleagues and people with whom they come into contact

Integrity and Quality

For Qontent one of the most important characteristics in work and life is integrity.
It is important that everyone within the company exhibits and demonstrates it, so as to gain the trust and respect of others, while maintaining their integrity towards the company.
At Qontent, ethical and honest behaviour and a commitment to make choices guided by common sense and morality are required. We take pride in being able to provide a quality service with a view to upholding the trust placed in us by our customers, a resource as precious as it is volatile. Therefore, Qontent and the addressees of the code undertake to:

⦁ always provide services and solutions of the highest quality and within the timeframe agreed with the customer
⦁ guarantee the authenticity of the services provided
⦁ deliver translations of official documents that always maintain the legal validity of the original documents
⦁ deliver translations that effectively convey and maintain the meaning and significance of the original text
⦁ integrate all the services that the company offers according to the customer’s needs, ensuring a positive and complete customer experience
⦁ draw on the knowledge and skills of Qontent employees, who put their professionalism at the service of customers, as well as the company and colleagues
⦁ choose reliable tools, resources, applications and devices that guarantee high performance

Learning and Growth

Qontent is committed to offering its staff adequate tools and opportunities for professional growth. It considers learning and training to be permanent means of acquisition, through which new knowledge is gained, change is effectively understood and interpreted, new ideas are acquired, productivity is improved, and individual and overall company growth is fostered.
Ongoing training is an essential part of lifelong learning and is an added value and a competitive advantage for Qontent. It supports the organisation by refining management processes and practices, taking care of the relationship between the individual and the organisational context, and pursuing the objectives of personal development and autonomy.
In particular, Qontent and the addressees of the code undertake to:

⦁ seek stimuli and scientific information in line with the relevant production sector or other sectors of interest that can be integrated into everyday activities and occupations
⦁ dedicate themselves to refining their technical and transversal skills including by integrating their personal and professional experiences for the purpose of mutual enrichment
⦁ embrace, with positivity and enthusiasm, training and opportunities to expand knowledge
⦁ set individual and collective goals to be achieved through commitment, dedication and transparency
⦁ learn what is useful, interesting and meaningful
⦁ take responsibility for what they have learned and what they can still learn, taking care to remain motivated
⦁ transform and update old knowledge
⦁ take responsibility for any failures or mistakes by accepting them as part of the process of change and growth, considering them an opportunity for reflection and exploration of areas for improvement

Sharing and Contributing

Qontent’s business is pursued through tangible and intangible resources. The company is committed to ensuring organisational well-being and selecting the best tools and technologies in line with the defined budgets, available resources and objectives. Consistent with the company’s mission and vision, the aim is to promote the integration of resources and collaborative, high-quality and valuable work.
In particular, Qontent and the addressees of the code undertake to:

⦁ communicate and share information in their possession which is useful for the achievement of common objectives, without hiding or keeping it to themselves for the achievement of personal goals and objectives
⦁ share the tangible and intangible resources offered by the company, whilst observing their functionalities and functions
⦁ communicate, in a clear and transparent manner, what they need to achieve the business objectives and the interests of the company
⦁ collaborate and be willing to solve problems
⦁ share work and business successes
⦁ make their knowledge and new learnings available to others
⦁ help maintain a safe, clean, stable, calm and stimulating environment
⦁ within the limits and in compliance with the company’s secrecy obligations, share with customers and offer them information on methodologies, resources, tools and business objectives, necessary for a better knowledge of Qontent and its core business to make it interesting, knowable, clear and valuable
⦁ offer their help when needed or required, even when not explicitly requested
⦁ recognise the contribution and value of themselves and others, while maintaining the value of humility

Passion and Courage

Qontent offers diverse services that are connected and integrated, in the same way that its resources are connected and integrated. The company does not just dedicate itself to the realisation of a single service, but aims to guarantee a complete, efficient, quick and punctual service: in other words, it aims to generate high added value for the customer. Qontent’s goal of becoming a point of reference in the Italian and international language industry is being pursued and driven by both the passion and dedication of all the people who work in the company and the courage to think of itself as a solid and complete structure that can aspire to become a leader in the sector even though it is starting in an area that offers fewer opportunities for growth and development.
The services offered by Qontent are the fruit of the experience and professionalism of those who, on a daily basis, bring their passion for languages, different cultures, the art of translation and technology to the sectors and departments that make up and sustain the company.
In particular, Qontent and the addressees of the code undertake to:

⦁ work conscientiously on each of the activities they are called upon to perform
⦁ approach each customer and project proactively and enthusiastically
⦁ always set new goals that are clear, specific, defined, measurable, achievable and under their own responsibility
⦁ search for new solutions to share, exploring every situation
⦁ take calculated risks to identify the most innovative way to solve a problem
⦁ question the procedures and methodologies already established to verify that they are still relevant and feasible
⦁ involve, where possible, resources and people in the decision-making and organisational processes that affect their department of interest, as well as in issues potentially of interest to them
⦁ guarantee a constant commitment to achieving individual and corporate goals and dedication to their own work
⦁ seek and promote care and attention to detail
⦁ believe in their work, its usefulness, its meaning and its value
⦁ put their heart and strengh of spirit into their activities
⦁ propose their own ideas even when they do not correspond to those of the company, provided that this is done in the manner and with the respect agreed upon
⦁ promote and welcome change
⦁ transmit passion and courage outside the company and to customers, becoming witnesses of their own involvement


Being creative means breaking out of the routine and embracing innovation, drawing on one’s ability to be dynamic and flexible and going beyond fixed and rigid patterns. Qontent seeks to encourage these abilities. A creative idea is not necessarily complicated or impossible, on the contrary, revolutionary ideas are often straightforward and stem from the direct experience of everyday life seen from a different perspective. The link between creativity and innovation means that the former is a fundamental element for Qontent, as it is essential to advance, improve, and remain competitive while facing new challenges and complex problems that require efforts from the organisation and the corporate culture itself. In particular, Qontent and the addressees of the code undertake to:

⦁ encourage self-expression by cultivating new ideas and stimulating exchanges
⦁ step outside their comfort zone in search of new perspectives
⦁ work together to shape projects that lead to major results
⦁ stay up to date and informed about the economic and social landscape that affects the company and the outside world
⦁ encourage people to put themselves forward for new experiences and new assignments in order to fill the gaps in their zones of proximal development
⦁ use tools and resources in an innovative, different and creative way while respecting their functions
⦁ take inspiration from already tested systems to devise and propose new ones
⦁ have respect for the intellectual property of others’ ideas without attributing undue credit to themselves
⦁ recognise the values of originality, flexibility and ambition
⦁ maintain and stimulate intellectual curiosity, understood as a general interest in learning


Qontent’s commitment to the planet is intended to safeguard its abundance and beauty for present and future generations, with the aim of passing on to them the values and traditions that support the long-term development of human and environmental communities. The company considers environmental protection to be a priority commitment. Therefore, Qontent and the addressees of the code undertake to:

⦁ comply with the applicable legislative requirements and with the further requirements of signed regulations concerning the eco-sustainable aspects of the company
⦁ promote training and awareness or empowerment activities regarding environmental issues and the concept of sustainable development
⦁ follow environmental protection criteria in all political and administrative choices
⦁ keep the consumption of raw materials and energy to a minimum
⦁ prioritise sharing documents digitally, accurately assessing whether there is a genuine need for printing
⦁ encourage waste sorting
⦁ encourage the use of bottles made of materials other than plastic
⦁ reduce the use of water


Qontent stands out thanks to its compliance with current regulations, gaining it credibility and appreciation from its customers.
Unethical or illegal behaviour would result in the trust relationship being damaged, with serious repercussions for the company’s image, reputation and credibility.
Each member of our company is required to observe every aspect of the Code of Ethics and to promote the pursuit of company values and the identification of any non-compliance with the Code of Ethics. Compliance with the rules of this Code of Ethics is therefore an essential part of the contractual obligations of employees. Violation of the provisions of this Code of Ethics by employees constitutes a breach of contractual obligations and, depending on the case, may result in the application of sanctions and disciplinary measures which are set out in Legislative Decree 231/01 and the Company Regulations.


This Code of Ethics, which formalises the rules of conduct at Qontent, is adopted by resolution of the director and CEO of the company.
The rules contained in this Code of Ethics do not represent an exhaustive list of the rules adopted by Qontent, nor an exhaustive list of the types of conduct subject to disciplinary measures.
This Code of Ethics applies to to all employees and collaborators of Qontent and to all those involved with it from now on.