Code of Ethics

Ethics, also called moral philosophy, concerns the usages and customs that guide human behaviour. It therefore concerns the code of conduct followed by a person or a group of people, giving rise to a reflection on the rules and principles to be followed in practical life.
The scope of ethics is anything but theoretical: it concerns everyday life, as it is the operational translation of values into behaviours. When the reflection on ethics moves from individual action to a broader organisational sphere, it becomes business ethics.
For Qontent, business ethics is seen as the ability to integrate its business activities while respecting and protecting the interests due to all living beings and the value of inanimate things, with this being an aim of its actions and not solely a means to achieve profit.
With the firm intention of guaranteeing the utmost fairness and transparency in the management of its activities and to protect the image and reputation of Qontent, the company has drawn up this Code of Ethics, which clearly defines the set of shared values, rules and principles of behaviour as well as the responsibilities of each company operator towards those who are directly or indirectly involved in the company’s activities, i.e. customers, suppliers, partners, employees, collaborators, public institutions and other stakeholders, thus guiding the performance of the company’s activities.
Its addressees are required to rigorously and fully respect the values and principles it contains and to protect and uphold, through their behaviour, the respectability and image of Qontent, as well as the integrity of its economic, social and human assets.