Case Histories

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42,000 words translated in record time avoid an operational block at Quinel Ltd.

When in October 2020 Qontent received a project that looked like a challenge, a dedicated team put itself at the customer’s service to tackle what appeared to be an “impossible mission”.


Quinel Ltd is a company that has been operating in the gaming world for over 10 years and is a leader in the sector.

Quinel Ltd received an urgent translation request from the Italian State Monopoly. According to the Italian Civil Code, a corresponding translation must be attached to financial statements in a foreign language.

The project concerned the sworn translation of the last five consolidated financial statements to be delivered in just 3 days, a real race against time, given the amount of words to be translated, the sensitivity of the topic and the need for an oath in court.

Socrate SpA is commissioned to design an industrial plant on behalf of ENI Angola. The project is accompanied by a technical manual of 150 thousand words to be translated into Portuguese. The translation is delivered a month and a half ahead of the planned deadline.

Socrate SpA orders the translation into Portuguese of a large manual of pipeline components for its customer ENI Angola, with initially estimated delivery time frame of 12 weeks.


The challenge of this activity for Socrate SpA concerned:

  • the volume of the translation
  • the knowledge of the technical language to be used
  • the layout of the document with symbols and diagrams imported from AutoCAD
  • the short delivery times compared to the amount of content to be translated

The crucial aspects of the project for Qontent were:

  • the choice of the most suitable and qualified translators for the project
  • the organization of the team of translators involved
  • seeking the help of specialists from the AutoCAD world

A few days after the start of the project, Socrate SpA asked Qontent for an earlier delivery of the translated manual to follow the client’s pressing instructions. This required a rescheduling by the Project Manager responsible for the translation, who with the help of Qontent’s automatic production-scheduling system, internally developed by Qontent, reallocated the work by increasing the number of resources on the project, thus reducing delivery times to a third, from 12 to 4 weeks.

Qontent respected the earlier delivery dates requested by the client and Socrate SpA manages to deliver the equipment commissioned by ENI Angola on time.

Who is Socrate SpA?

“For over 30 years, Socrate SpA has been offering on the Italian and international market the design and construction of integrated systems for process analysis, fiscal metering skids and security systems in the Fire and Gas Security environment, with a range of solutions that meet even the most stringent requirements, covering application needs for various types of systems.
Socrate SpA also provides technical, engineering and on-site assistance.
Its experience in the Oil & Gas sector and, more generally, its know-how and attention to the customer make Socrate SpA to stand out in the Italian industrial landscape as high technology company.”