Editorial translations act as a bridge connecting the world of ideas, stories and knowledge, enabling editorial works to cross linguistic borders and reach a global audience. In this digital age where words travel swiftly across the globe, precision and the art of translating for publishing become crucial.

Editorial translations allow the voices of authors and thinkers to express themselves beyond linguistic boundaries. This service plays an essential role in enriching cultural diversity, opening doors to mutual understanding.

The types of translations required in publishing are diverse, reflecting the vastness and complexity of the editorial landscape. From the poetic nuances of novels to the technical precision of manuals, each expressive mode requires a specific approach to maintain the integrity of the original message.

Qontent‘s established expertise in the world of translations enables us to provide impeccable linguistic solutions and meet the specific needs of publishers, authors, and industry professionals.

Types of translations for publishing

Translations of novels and fiction: the magic of words transcends languages and cultures, preserving the essence of literary works in every translation.

Translations of essays and academic texts: we maintain precision and coherence in technical details, ensuring the work’s message is conveyed clearly.

Translations of magazines and periodicals:
we provide timely and high-quality translations to ensure information is accessible to a global audience.

Translations of technical manuals:
we preserve industry-specific terminology, ensuring that instructions and technical information are correctly understood.

Essential features for editorial translations

Linguistic precision: every word matters in the world of publishing. Our translations undergo rigorous quality checks to achieve maximum linguistic accuracy.

Preservation of style:
we respect the unique style of each author, preserving the original voice of the text in different languages.
Research and industry expertise: our translators are experts in the publishing industry, ensuring a thorough understanding of the context and specific cultural references.

Graphic processing and layout of translated content:
thanks to our in-house Desktop Publishing (DTP) division, we can manage and deliver translated texts already formatted according to client specifications.

Deadline Adherence: we understand the urgency of the publishing world. We deliver translations promptly, without compromising on quality.

Choosing our editorial translation services means investing in results that exceed expectations. We combine a passion for languages with a dedication to accurate work, ensuring the message reaches the desired global audience.

Trust us and get impeccable editorial translations. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and receive a personalised quote.

Your story deserves to be shared globally, and we are here to make it happen through words.


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