Certified and Sworn

We perform certifies and sworn translations with the utmost accuracy according to well-defined procedures.

For judicial or administrative purposes, translated documents sometimes require an official recognition also from a legal standpoint. Such recognition, called asseveration or sworn statement, is obtained directly in court.

For the translation of official documents, the service includes:

  • translation
  • revision
  • asseveration and paperwork in court
  • delivery of the documentation to the customer

Translators must be certified, i.e., they must be registered and accredited by the court. Only certified translators can sign the asseveration report, taking the responsibility of providing a translation compliant with the original.

Sworn translations need experienced translators with strong language skills.

Asseveration is required for documents that must maintain their validity also abroad:

  • notarial deeds
  • certificates
  • financial statements
  • patents
  • contracts


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