The Qontent team

Professionalism, timeliness, efficiency.

Qontent is your one-stop translation and localisation partner. Companies have specific needs, objectives and deadlines: we provide you with a customised service within the required timeframe. Our professional team is always available and efficient, manages the work methodically to meet your specific requests.


Our Project Managers follow closely your project: they classify information and identify critical points. The information is stored and shared in the strictest confidence within our organisation.

Our interpreters use the appropriate conversation techniques for every situation, from private negotiations to public events.


Our IT staff  allow our systems and software to work and interact with those of your company, to obtain maximum service optimisation.


Our Marketing division sets the right communication for each project and studies specific strategies based on the country of reference.

Our selected native translators and reviewers live in the country of origin where the language is spoken. They guarantee precision, accuracy and terminological consistency of the translated texts, preserving cultural differences. At the end of each project, we create glossaries and translation memories, which facilitate the delivery speed and linguistic uniformity of subsequent translations.


Our DTP experts (Desktop Publishing) take care of the layout and graphic arrangement at different levels of complexity.

Our administrative department, in agreement with customers and suppliers, suggests the best payment conditions and solutions.

Our Sales division provides you with the solution to achieve your business goals.

We dedicate to you an entire staff

with true passion for languages.

Since 2005, Qontent has been offering one-stop language services
to companies that want to internationalise their business.

We stand out for:

Being a Unique and Reliable Interlocutor
  • Language professionals for over 15 years
  • We have gained the trust of customers operating in multiple industrial sectors around the world
  • We use a transparent and shared quality management process
  • The added value of working in synergy with customers and suppliers for common projects
  • We respect data security and content privacy
Customised Rates
  • Quotes in line with the company budget needs
  • A range of discount options, for large documents and with frequent word repetitions
Timeliness and Efficiency
  • Order planning to ensure adequate and timely services
  • Thousands of translators and professionals participate in the execution of complex projects, simplifying management and optimising time and resources