In a globalised business, interpreting services are essential for companies that interface with markets speaking different languages.

We choose our professional interpreters based on their experience, skills and according to the reference sector requested by our customers.

Interpreting is useful for:
  • negotiations
  • conventions and conferences
  • training courses
  • corporate events

There are 3 interpreting modes:


It takes place in real time from an acoustically insulated booth. The interpreter listens to the speaker through headphones and simultaneously transmits, using a microphone, the translation to those in the audience (also equipped with headphones) who do not know the speaker’s language.


The interpreter listens to the speech, takes notes and translates it in portions. The length of these portions varies according to the context: generally, they do not exceed ten minutes. This is a very effective technique; however, the duration of the intervention doubles because, after the speaker has finished, the interpreter must repeat the speech in the target language.


The translation is whispered in the ear of the listener. Compared to simultaneous interpreting, it has the advantage of not requiring any equipment, but it is usable only by a limited number of people (usually no more than three). It can take place in non-optimal acoustic conditions, in which case the interpreter limits the chuchotage to short interventions.


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