For the purposes of these General Sales Conditions, the terms Inprinting srl and Client shall mean, respectively, the
supplier and the purchaser of the supply, the supply being understood to mean the realization of one or more technical-linguistic services. The signing of a contract does not imply any obligation on the part of our buyers to entrust any
exclusive assignments to Inprinting srl.


Inprinting srl will evaluate the extent and degree of difficulty of the service and will be free to accept or reject the
assignment. Acceptance of assignments occurs exclusively:

  1. after the formal acceptance of these General Sales Conditions by the Client. In this regard, employees, collaborators
    and, in general, any persons acting on behalf of the Client represent the Client to all intents and purposes and shall
    implicitly be deemed to have a mandate;
  2. after the transmission by the purchaser of the quotation duly stamped and signed by ordinary mail, electronic mail
    or certified email (pec). With the acceptance of the quotation the contract will be concluded, with the consequent right
    for the proposer to claim the agreed consideration, unless otherwise agreed with the other party. Inprinting srl reserves
    the right to modify prices and delivery dates if the Client makes changes or additions to the texts or in case of sending
    source materials that are different from those covered by the quotation.


The Client shall provide Inprinting srl with indications and specifications regarding the requested services/works in a
clear, unequivocal and detailed manner (delivery, terminology, intended use, any technical equipment necessary for
the performance of the services, etc.), assuming full and exclusive responsibility in this regard. All original material must
be easily readable and delivered to Inprinting srl in the agreed formats and within the agreed times. Inprinting srl will
not be responsible for any delays in delivery due to non-delivery or incorrect or delayed delivery of documentation. The
Client is responsible for ensuring that the original material made available cannot be challenged on grounds of
competition, trademark, name or otherwise, and will ensure that copyright permissions are obtained.
Any modifications and/or corrections to the service/product required during the course of the work, if deemed critical,
will result in Inprinting srl reviewing the contract. Should such modifications and/or corrections make the service no
longer feasible on the part of Inprinting srl, the Client undertakes to acknowledge the consideration for the work carried
out and the expenses incurred up to that moment.


Inprinting srl adopts a quality management system in accordance with UNI ISO 9001: 2015 e UNI EN 17100:2017 certified
by KIWA CERMET ITALIA. Professional services shall be deemed to be provided in accordance with the requirements of
this standard.


Any inaccuracies or translation errors must be reported in writing by the Client to Inprinting srl within 15 (fifteen) days
of delivery of the translated text, under penalty of forfeiture.
Inprinting srl will correct errors at its own expense if the report is received within the prescribed time. Inprinting srl does
not assume any responsibility in case the Client does not carry out the appropriate pre-press checks or the report is
received after the deadline. Inprinting srl will not, under any circumstances and without exception, grant discounts or
rebates to clients who have modified or re-translated the delivered texts on their own initiative. The absence of
complaints and disputes within the above terms implies total acceptance of the service provided. Any complaints and
disputes shall not release the Client from its obligation to pay the requested remuneration for the work carried out, nor
shall they justify the total or partial suspension of payments.


The warranty offered by Inprinting srl is limited to the amount of the contract. In particular, with regard to translations
and ancillary services, it covers any grammatical and/or spelling errors, as well as misinterpretation and/or
misunderstanding of the text. The warranty offered by Inprinting srl does not cover disputes regarding stylistic
preferences in the text or in the translation. Nor does the warranty cover disputes over industry terminology, unless the
Client has provided adequate reference material (glossaries).


Any complaints concerning the quality of the services/professional performance must be submitted in writing by
registered letter or certified e-mail within 15 (fifteen) days from the delivery date of the work (art. 2226 of the civil
code) quoting the reference number assigned by Inprinting srl and communicated to the Client. After this time the
translation will be considered definitively accepted.


Inprinting srl is committed to maximum confidentiality with reference to the subject matter of the documents and of
the information that the Company and its employees will deal with while performing any assigned and authorized task,
whose operational or consultative intervention makes it necessary to know the aforementioned information. Inprinting
srl will not be responsible for any privacy violations committed by its own employees, if the Company itself
demonstrates that all preventive measures in order to avoid such violations have been taken. The obligation referred
to in this article ceases to apply if Inprinting srl was required by law to disclose such information or if such information
were or became public knowledge regardless of Inprinting srl or its employees.
It must be noted that the Client will have the responsibility to take prior notice of the privacy policy pursuant to
Legislative Decree 196/03 (available on the website, and that the Client consents to the
processing of data when sending an order to Inprinting srl.


Concepts, ideas, know-how or techniques, acquired during the interpreting services and/or relating to the processing
of texts, documents or any other object of the supply, developed by the Inprinting srl staff, can be used by the Client in
the limits of the supply itself and, if they materialize in inventions, discoveries or improvements, they will be the
exclusive property of Inprinting srl, which reserves the right to grant an exploitation license to third parties. In particular,
the software and the sources used by Inprinting srl to perform the activities covered by the contract are not included in
the supply and cannot be marketed.


The published rates and unit quotations, unless otherwise agreed, are understood to be ex works and do not include
costs for packaging, shipping and taxes.


The delivery terms agreed between the parties are binding for Inprinting srl only upon receipt of the entire original
materials. Inprinting srl reserves the right, for translation services, to make batch deliveries, meaning that each delivery
made is accepted and sold. Inprinting srl shall not be liable for any responsibility for any delays due to force majeure.
Unless otherwise agreed, all costs of collection and delivery of the material to be supplied shall be borne by the Client.


Unless otherwise agreed, for translation services Inprinting srl retains a magnetic copy of the processed data for a period
of one year from the date of delivery. To access this data, the Client must indicate the quotation number sent by
Inprinting (OC-XYZ) and accepted by the Client related to the archived project.


In case of withdrawal without Just Cause by the Client of an order regularly transmitted to Inprinting srl, a penalty equal
to 50% of the total fee shall be paid.


The Client shall indemnify and hold harmless Inprinting srl, its directors, executives, employees, collaborators,
representatives and assigns against any loss, cost or expense, including any legal fees arising from or related to any
application or legal action concerning:

  1. the execution of this contract;
  2. the violation by the Client of the contractual declarations and guarantees given;
  3. the production, advertising, promotion, sale or distribution of any material by the Client;
  4. any tax, fee, or similar charge imposed by law and by the authorities on the production, advertising, promotion, use,
    import, licensing or distribution of any material by the Client;
  5. any request for compensation for violations related to the supply of any copyright, trademark or industrial patent.


Invoices are issued by Inprinting srl in favor of the Client who signed the offer or requested the service. Law firms or
advertising agencies or branches of institutions sending the order to request that the invoice is issued to a third party,
must provide the data of the invoice holder and have the offer accepted by said third party before confirming the order.
Any billing error must be communicated to Inprinting srl within 5 days of receipt of the invoice.


Unless otherwise agreed between the parties, the payment for the supply will be made by bank transfer after 30 days
from the invoice date.
Failure to pay in the manner and at the deadlines agreed with the Client will result in the cancellation of the agreed
terms, making the credit immediately payable and blocking any service performed still in place. Inprinting srl may, at its
option, terminate the contract without any compensation and will inform the Client by means of a registered letter or
certified email.
The incomplete supply may in no case determine the non-payment of the amount delivered and invoiced. In the event
of late payment, interest on arrears will run from the due date pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231 of October 9,
2002, updated by the Ministry of the Economy on February 5, 2007.


For any dispute, the Court of Trani will have exclusive and binding jurisdiction, with express waiver of the parties to
refer to any other court.


For all matters not expressly provided for in this contract, reference is made to the rules referred to in the civil code.


By signing this document, the Client declares to be aware and to accept that Inprinting srl registers and stores the
personal data and treats them in compliance with the provisions of article 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 and subsequent amendments and of Regulation (EU) 2016/679.
Pursuant to articles 1341 and 1342 of the Italian Civil Code, the parties declare to have carefully read and specifically
approve the agreements contained in the following articles: