Content Writing is a strategic element of Corporate Communication.

Bill Gates’ famous 1996 statement “Content is king!” recalls the crucial role of quality content in the business marketing plan. Writing multilingual content allows companies to effectively reach their target audience and gain visibility in international markets.

But how must the contents be structured to be truly effective?

4 fundamental aspects of Multilingual Content Writing

When we talk about Content Writing we are dealing with a topic that concerns various aspects of a communication plan: blog articles, press releases, product sheets, description of the company and its services. Beyond the intended use, the creation of the text has four essential characteristics:


The content must be unique and useful to the reader. Exclusive ideas and topics encourage the clients to read, directing them to the product or service promoted. The proposed message is what makes the difference, which allows the company to stand out from the competition.


The writing must be clear and fluid, contextualized for the culture of the target audience. The message must follow precise stylistic and linguistic requirements, respecting the cultural and social context. The tone of voice determines the character and personality that you want to give to your brand identity.


Each product or service has a story that needs to be told. Storytelling involves the reader with the principles of rhetoric and narratology, taking advantage of persuasive communication. Asking questions stimulates interaction, including a call to action causes immediate action.


Using the correct keywords in the first lines of the text increases the company’s visibility in search engines, allowing it to be easily found by potential clients. Also formatting elements for the web have this purpose, such as H1 and H2 tags, meta titles, meta descriptions, and bolds that highlight important words.

The multilingual content writing process

Writing content in foreign languages for company texts, blog articles and web pages implies linguistic and cultural adaptation to the local target, and dealing directly with the client to get to know the company and its products / services and to understand its needs and objectives. Thanks to multilingual Content Writing, writing “speaks” the target market language as only a professional native-language writer can do. In this way the message is conveyed effectively and the planned results are achieved.

All this is possible when you have a team of mother tongue professionals (content writers) supported by marketing experts, able to analyze the clients’ needs and create content that works.


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